Nathan Currier is a winner of prizes and awards such as the Rome Prize, Guggenheim, and the American Academy of Arts & Letters’ Academy Award, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, Fulbright, Fromm, Charles Ives, Barlow, and ASCAP awards. Currier’s compositions have been heard at prestigious venues, from Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center to IRCAM in Paris and the Philharmonie in Berlin. Currier's largest work, an oratorio named Gaian Variations, concerns Gaia theory, which views the Earth as a self-regulating entity, and was premiered at Avery Fisher Hall by the Brooklyn Philharmonic. Other works include his Hildegard’s Symphony, premiered by the Simon Bolivar Orchestra.


Hildegard's Symphony, Mvt. I
Of Moisture and Greenness; Duration 7:41
Hildegard Symphony, Mvt. II
First Nervous Breakdown; Duration 4:51
Hildegard's Symphony, Mvt. III
Causes and Cures; Duration 5:40
Hildegard's Symphony, Mvts. IV and V
Second Nervous Breakdown (IV); The Book of Life's Merit's (V); Duration 21:47


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