Soon afterward Currier composed A Kafka Cantata, a one act monodrama for tenor Paul Sperry. After its premiere in Pittsburgh the music critic ranked it as the #1 classical music event of the year in the city.


Little Fable, from A Kafka Cantata, with Paul Sperry, tenor, Nathan Currier conducting

Around this time he also began a long collaboration with harpist Marie-Pierre Langlamet, harpist of the Berlin Philharmonic. This led to his writing a wide variety of works with harp, such as the chamber works A Sambuca Sonata, recorded on the Chandos label, Possum Wakes from Playing Dead, commissioned by the Berlin Philharmonic, A Nursery Sleep, commissioned by Concert Artists Guild, and his quintet Thirty Little Pictures of Time Passing, premiered as part of the Berlin Philharmonic’s chamber music series.

Excerpts from various works composed for harpist Marie-Pierre Langlamet:


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